what is IPC, full form and IPC 376

IPC full form is ::Indian Penal Code

Know the meaning of clauses in IPC

ipc 307 = attempt to murder (when you try to kill someone, this section will be imposed on you and you can be jailed for a long time)

IPC 302 = Punishment for murder (if you read somewhere that someone has killed someone, then this section appears in which you can be imprisoned for life or even hanging)

IPC 376 = Rape (If anyone rapes any girl, then he can be imprisoned or hanged under this section)

IPC 395 = Dacoity (This includes offenses like theft, dacoity)

IPC 377:: Unnatural Act Section; (Tell you under this section, as if a boy raped a boy, then you will get punishment under this section. Secondly, as you all will know when the Nirbhaya incident happened in Delhi in 2016, in the same case, in this case, Section is imposed in which the accused can be punished or even hanged.


IPC 396 = Murder during dacoity: (Mostly we see news or around us that somewhere where theft or dacoity has taken place and whose house was robbed, then this section is imposed on the accused in such cases)

IPC 120 = Conspiracy Composition (Under this section those accused come who make a plan with the accused in some wrongdoing, such as understand that there is an election rally and this section will be imposed on the person who plans to stop that rally.)

IPC 365 = Kidnapping (Those who kidnap children and take big money from their families, this section will be imposed on such people)

IPC 201 = Eradication of evidence (Suppose someone wants to destroy evidence along with theft or dacoity, then in that case this section will be imposed on him)

IPC 191: Giving false evidence::Suppose there was a theft somewhere and that person presented a report or evidence against an innocent person, then that person would come under this section.

  1. IPC309:: Attempting suicide:: Friends, if someone tries to commit suicide or it is illegal, it can be done on that person, then no one should do this, it also comes under crime.

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