1. P.S.Sindhu says

    Dear Sir,
    I will be retiring in June 2010 and will be getting nearly Rs 40 lakh as my provident fund. In what way I should invest in various scheemes so that I could get maximum benifit with least of exertion. I am looking for a very secure way of investment. I will also prefer some long term scheme.
    Please help me

  2. krishnakumar shinqlkar says

    You are given very good information for old age person.
    thanks for this site.

  3. Peter Warili says

    I am one of the rural based public servant who is very much supportive of this initiatives especially National Old Age Pension Scheme, Widow/Widower pension scheme, disability pension scheme, Rural Poor scheme, etc..

    I am now intending to take a course/study on public administration and want to draft an act for National Rural Employment Guarantee Act.

    Therefore, May have copy of your act on web please.

    You are really with the people at heart.


    Peter Warili

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