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This website supports Responsible Commenting :

We need to set our own borders, define a set of morals and apply some plain common sense, and then go out and state our opinions, get a conversation going about what we as a global society of bloggers/ writers/ net citizens feel is the make-up of a responsible conversation. But most important let’s make it clear that we will not accept members of our community abusing our fellow citizens. And we will stand up and use our keypads to state our disgust.

1. Your comment should appear as soon as you post it. In case it doesn’t then please wait for a while, as it might have either landed in spam (for reasons unknown) or it could have gone for moderation.

2. Spam is discarded on this website. So please do not attempt spamming !!  In case you post lengthy messages with number of links in text then too your message stands the risk of getting discarded as spam.

3. You are welcome to give your opinion, initiate a discussion, share knowledge, give suggestions, critically comment on the topics posted on this website.

4. We request you to please ensure not to use any abusive, derogatory or sarcastic tone / words / language while writing comments. Though we are not against sarcasm but if it is part of any personal attack on anyone then it would force us to delete or edit your comment, in which case the Moderator reserves the right to do so.

5. Comments with any anti-national tone / words / language  would be simply deleted.

6. Comments which have an underlying tone of initiating any personal attack would not be accepted.

7. If you are posting a comment simply for the sake of posting a link to your website then please abstain from doing so. In any case, the message space provides for website details while writing comments. One might as well use that space.

8. Lengthy signatures to comments would not be accepted. So please refrain from posting them. If you post more than 1 link in your comment then your message stands the risk of getting marked as SPAM.

9. If your comment is relevant to the subject of the post then please also mention your website/blog in the space provided in message area. It would help spread the network of relevant websites / blogs.

10. Please ensure your comments are in line with the responsible commenting policy of this website.