Mobile Medicare Units for the aged in India

  • 80 million people are over the age of 60 in India
  • 60% of them live in poverty
  • 80% do not have adequate medical or financial support
  • 12 million elderly people in India are blind
  • 5,00,000 older people die of tuberculosis every year
  • 33 million elderlies are living with diabetes !!

These shocking figures are as reported in this video.

As a small step towards extending relief, HelpAge India and Help the Aged (UK) together run Mobile Medicare Units to reach out to the disadvantaged and isolated aged people across India. Infact, Help the Aged is the only aid agency in UK that supports older people WORLDWIDE.

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What are Mobile Medicare Units ?
How does the MMU programme work ?
What you can do ?
MMUs in action

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  1. Manoj Rawat says

    I want to know more about the Mobile Medicare Unit. Its benifits, strategy & working criteria in the rural areas.

  2. Rajnish Casshyap says

    Mobile Medicare unit is a small hopsital on wheels which is fully equipped with OPD section, Pharmacist section, Lab section, examination section and chamber for x-ray and ultrasound all in one Mobile clinic. There are two tyes of mobile clnics – container based ( which are rigid stuctures) and pre fabricated Mobile clinics on a chassis of a truck. The design is essentially decided based on the area of operation and the kind of population that is expected to be examined.

  3. is there a mobile medical unit in Faridabad?if so? how to contact it?

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