Helpage India Donations – help millions

Donations to Helpage India make a world of difference to scores of needy elderlies in the country. One feels overwhelmed to realize that even a small extended hand can bring tremendous relief to a destitute, elderly, dependent soul.

Take a look at how last years’ funds have helped Helpage India create a difference in the lives of more than a million:

  • 36,397 elderly were able to regain normal vision
  • 14,269 destitute and poor elderly received monthly financial assistance
  • 6,366 free physiotherapy treatments helped many to resume essential daily chores like cleaning and bathing
  • 9,68,462 free treatments with medicines were delivered at doorstep through their mobile age care programme
  • countless others have benefitted through their advocacy for elderly rights and entitlements.

Age Care Programmes

These programmes include initiatives in areas like Senior Citizen Homes, Mobile Medicare Units, Helplines, etc.

  1. More than 253 Old Age Homes and 135 Day Care Centres in the country are supported by Helpage India.
  2. 55 Mobile Medicare Units help reach out health care services to areas where such facilities are not available. Each MMU is equipped with a qualified doctor, social worker and a pharmacist to dispense free treatment and medicines to the needy elderlies.
  3. A Helpline each in Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore operates for elderlies in distress. If need be then help from Police, Hospitals and Old Age Homes is also made available through these lines.
  4. Restoration of vision is another major area where Helpage India provides assistance. It usually sponsors upto 30,000 cataract surgeries every year, helping these elderlies reduce their dependence on others.
  5. Helpage India has helped more than 17,000 elderlies to be adopted under its ‘Sponsor a Grandparent’ programme. This initiative stems from its partnership with 200 NGOs across the country.
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  1. Amitabh Mishra says

    Dear Sir,

    Please send me the Proposal format and guidelines for establish a Old Age Day Care Center in Ballia District of Uttar Pradesh.

    Amitabh Mishra

  2. Avijit Ghosh says

    Respected Sir,

    We wish to set up a Old Age Home. Mr. Amrita Lal Ghosh donated a 2 bigha land for old Age Home. We are registered FCRA act. Please send the Proposal format and guideline to establish a Old Age Day Care Center in Maynaguri Block of Jalpaiguri District in West Bengal in North Bengal of INDIA

    With thanks

    Sincerely yours
    Avijit Ghosh
    Vivekananda Pally, Maynaguri
    Jalpaiguri – 735224. West Bengal – INDIA
    Phone – (03561) – 235788; Mobile – 9434491830 / 9563373684
    Email –

  3. Ashim Baruah says

    We have a plot of land measuring 8640 sqft in the heart of Guwahati, Assam. Our parents have expired long back and we aim to construct an old-age home in their memory. The plot size allows about 16 inmates for the purposes as per the building bylaws of Guwahati. We have about Rs.15-20 lakhs only to spend for this purpose. Please advice us how to get fund for the construction of the building. Our architect says the about Rs.90.00 lakhs would be needed for this purpose to complete the building which is about Rs.1.00 crores.

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