Grants (funds) for Day Care Centres for Old Aged with Dementia

Government of India provides financial assistance (grant / funds) to NGOs in India who run Day Care Centres (DCC) to take care of Old persons suffering from Dementia.  This grant-in-aid is to provide medical care, medicines and refreshments to the patients in these Centres.

To become eligible for receiving grant-in-aid these specialized DCCs should take care of atleast 20 old persons (suffering from Dementia) per month.  The recurring grant will vary proportionately in case there is a variation in number of beneficiaries in the Day Care Centre.

Recognized Nursing Homes, Medical Institutions/ Colleges, Charitable Hospitals are eligible under this scheme.  Voluntary organisations (NGOs) who have shown credible track record in providing free medical care to people, or those who are running Old Age Homes are also eligible.

Eligibility criteria

1) The Non-governmental voluntary organization should be a registered body, under an appropriate Act so that it gets a corporate status and a legal personality and a group liability is established for its activities;

2) It should be registered either under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 or relevant State Societies Registration Act and has already been working for atleast two years; or a Public Trust registered under any law for the time being in force or a charitable company licensed under Section 525 of Companies Act, 1958.

Grants (Funds) to Day Care Centres for Care of Old persons suffering from Alzheimer / Dementia

3) It should have been registered for a minimum period of 2 years but in the case of the North Eastern region, J&K, desert areas and under serviced / under-represented areas, this condition of 2 years will not be applicable. In other deserving cases, the condition of 2 years may be relaxed with the approval of the Secretary (SJ&E) on case-to-case basis.

4) The Organization shall have a properly constituted managing body with its powers, duties and responsibilities clearly defined and laid down in a written Constitution. It shall have an appropriate administrative structure and a duly constituted managing/ executive committee.

5) The organization is initiated and governed by its own members on democratic principles.

6) The aims and objects of the organization and programmes in fulfillment of those aims and objects are specifically laid down.

7) The Organization shall not run for profit to any individual or a body of individuals. The Organization should possess proven credentials and capabilities to handle such projects.

What is Dementia ?
Dementia is a decline of reasoning, memory, and other mental abilities (the cognitive functions). This decline eventually impairs the ability to carry out everyday activities such as driving; household chores; and even personal care such as bathing, dressing, and feeding (often called activities of daily living, or ADLs). Many people with dementia eventually become totally dependent on others for their care. Although people with dementia typically remain fully conscious, the loss of short- and long-term memory are universal.

Elderly Day Care Centre
People suffering from Dementia need specialized care and treatment, which becomes all the more critical when it involves elderly patients. There are specialized Elderly Day Care Centers (DCC) which provide care for old aged who need supervised care during the day. Such Centres at times are also operated by NGOs (voluntary organisations) who run Old Age Homes. These Centres cater to the unique needs of particular conditions such as Alzheimer’s, which is a form of dementia.

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  1. Western Sema Community Development Project (WSCDP) says

    greetings in the name of Christ. i would like to know more about DCC Grant for Care of Old person with Dementia. incase we apply, to which address or email should we write.looking forward for your kind reply.

    Mr. K.Katy
    Chief Functionary

  2. P.OBLESH REDDY says

    please give us the grant details for old age homes for indian country in karnataka state HUBLI TALUKA DHARWAD DISTRICT

  3. plz let me know the details about the eligibility criteria to get the grant. want to know more about Dementia.


    Greetings in the name of Almighty God.

    Would plz give me the details of Postal Address/Email ID/Tel.No./ Fax No. of the DCC grants office to me.
    We’re having vision about the Home as well as DCC for the destitute old & infirm.

    Thanks for your kind act.

    Rohan Nazarene
    Green Pastures Foundation

  5. dr. sunita jolly says

    hello i am founder president of aadhaar foundation a city based ngo in vadodara gujarat just started two months back.
    I have planned to set up dementia day care centre and need funds for the same.Hence wanted to know where and whom to approach and apply for the above grant, as mentioned by you.

    thanks regards
    dr sunita jolly

  6. Mahuya Karmakar says

    I am Masters in Dementia studies from University of Stirling and masters in psychiatric nursing.
    I want to set up a Dementia day care centre in rural area of West Bengal.
    I have some fund and a land of 3600 sq feet.
    How to acquire grant,whom i have to apply.

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