Delhi Police for protection of Senior Citizens

Senior Citizens deserve special attention and care when it comes to their safety and security. Their needs can only be understood by practising sensitivity, else their vulnerabilities go unnoticed.

In an attempt to provide safety net to Senior Citizens, a special cell in Delhi Police was created in year 2004. It functions from Police Head Quarters and is primarily responsibile for safety and security of Senior Citizens.

Steps taken by Senior Citizen Cell:

  1. establishment of helpline
  2. identification of elderly people living alone
  3. verification of antecedents of their employees particularly domestic servants and drivers
  4. periodic visits to the residence of elderly persons by the Beat Staff and Station House Officers
  5. contacting senior citizens both personally and on telephone
  6. briefing senior citizens about security devices and security related issues
  7. adoption of senior citizens by school children
  8. organizing security awareness camps for benefit of senior citizens
  9. starting community liaison programme to involve senior citizens in larger community matters
  10. distribution of printed material containing steps to be taken for safety of life and property of senior citizens
  11. educating senior citizens about law related to their safety and welfare, etc.
HELPLINE Nos. of Delhi Police: For Senior Citizens: Dial 1291 or 100

Delhi Police has also prescribed certain Do’s & Don’ts for Senior Citizens.

  • Ensure effective safety features/ barring mechanisms on doors & windows.
  • Put a magic eye on the main door.
  • Try to keep a dog as a pet.
  • When stepping out for a walk, go out in a group.
  • Connect your neighbours house to your own home with an emergency alarm bell.
  • Keep vital telephone numbers handy for emergency.
  • Inform your police station, neighbour or the nearest PCR-van if you are suspicious of some one.
  • Insist on getting your servant and other domestic help verified at the local police station.
  • Don’t leave your valuables around the house.
  • Don’t make any ostentatious display of your cash or jewellery.
  • Don’t trust strangers – and don’t open your door to unidentified people.
  • Don’t be a recluse. Socialise with your neighbours.
  • Don’t ignore any suspicious incident. Inform the police.
  • Don’t let your servant have access to your almirahs and safes.
  • Don’t talk about family secrets or property in front of strangers/ servants.
  • Don’t forget to call up your local officers if the beat constable or the Division Officer has not visited you during the week.
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