Benefits, Concessions and Schemes for Senior Citizens in India

Government of India has earmarked special benefits and concessions for Senior Citizens. Here is a brief compilation of same for your ready reference :

1. Court cases involving senior citizens

The Chief Justice of India has advised Chief Justices of all High Courts to accord priority to cases involving older persons and ensure their expeditious disposal. [vide letter of Government of India, Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment (SD Section), New Delhi, F. No. 20-76/99-SD dated 03.11.1999]

2. RTI Act (Right to Information Act)

Second appeals filed by senior citizens and differently abled persons under the Right to Information Act (RTI) are taken on a high priority basis, according to a directive of the Central Information Commission (CIC).

For, senior citizens and physically challenged if appeals are already pending with the CIC/SCIC, they should write to the CIC/SCIC about their status.

3. Health Care

(a) There is provision for separate queues for senior citizens at hospitals and health care centres when they visit for any health related concerns or clinical examinations. In Central Government Hospitals located in Delhi, namely, Safdarjung, Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital and Lady Hardinge Medical College & associated Hospitals, separate registration counters/windows/rows are provided for senior citizens in OPDs to avoid standing in long queue.

(b) Assistance like wheelchairs/trolleys are also provided for senior citizens in OPDs of Dr. RML Hospital and Safdarjung Hospital, where they are attended on a priority basis.

(c) The Delhi Government runs special clinics for Senior Citizens in most of its hospitals in Delhi.

(d) There is a weekly geriatric OPD in Dr. RML Hospital and Safdarjung Hospital. At All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), preference is given to Senior citizens with regard to OPD consultation, emergency management as well as hospitalization.

(e) At Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi 104 beds are reserved for senior citizens. In other Hospitals including AIIMS, although there is no special reservation of beds for senior citizens, preference is given to them in admission and bed is allowed to them on priority.

Benefits Concessions Schemes for Senior Citizens

Taxation: A compilation of various tax benefits admissible to Senior Citizens and very Senior Citizens (80 years and above).

4. Finance & Taxation

(a) You are advised to refer to the Indian Income Tax Department for the current slabs of Income Tax including rebate admissible to senior citizens. income tax slab - senior citizens - 2014-15 As per recent finance budget 2014-15 (presented on 10th July, 2014) the threshold income when you start paying tax stands at Rs. 3 lakh per annum for senior citizens below 80 years age. For senior citizens who are 80 years and above the threshold income is Rs. 5 lakh per annum.

(b) The benefit of Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961 has been extended to the investments made under 5-Year Post Office Time Deposits Account and Senior Citizens Savings Scheme, with effect from 01.04.2007.

(c) Tax benefit for medical insurance under Section 80D: Payment made by a senior citizen towards health insurance premium is tax exempt under section 80D of Income Tax Act 1961. Tax deduction of Rs. 30,000 can be availed from assessment year 2016-17. A combined tax deduction of Rs. 60,000 can be availed by senior citizens who are also paying medical insurance premium for their parents.

5. Banking

(a) Government also gives a higher rate of interest to senior citizens on certain Savings schemes which it runs through its large network of Post Offices (Senior Citizens Savings Scheme) and Public sector Banks. For further details you are advised to contact your nearest Bank or local Post Office.

(b) Some banks like State Bank of India charge only 50% of the applicable prescribed charges in respect of following services:

i) Issue of duplicate passbook/statement of account
ii) Issue of cheque books,
iii) Noting of standing instructions,
iv) Stop payment instructions,
v) Charges of non maintenance of minimum balance,
vi) Issue of balance certificate,
vii) Signature verification,
viii) Ledger folio charges
ix) Minimum balance requirement is also 50% for these class of customers.

Please check with your nearest Bank on what special facilities exist for Senior Citizens and Pensioners.

6. Telecommunications

(a) Department of Telecommunications has made special provisions for senior citizens who apply for a new telephone connection. The department has earmarked separate priority category for senior citizens wherein they can apply for registration.

(b) In case of any complaint or fault with the telephone a senior citizen’s complaint is redressed on a priority basis.

(c) MTNL (Delhi) gives 25% discount in rentals (Tariff Plan-250 only) and installation to Senior Citizens who are 65 years or above in age. Please submit proof of age when applying to MTNL for availing this concession. Application form  for a new connection (MTNL Delhi) in senior citizen category is available here.

(d) MTNL (Mumbai) has a Non-OYT-Special category for Senior Citizens aged 65 years or above.  To apply for a new connection in Mumbai, senior citizens can fill this application form. Whereas to avail senior citizen concession on an already existing telephone connection (MTNL Mumbai) this application form needs to be filled in.

Kindly note that these filled in forms are to be submitted to the MTNL offices in your city or sanchar haat. In case of any specific query you may call MTNL Help line 1500 from any MTNL number.

(e) BSNL:  I did not find any scheme with BSNL where concessions were admissible to senior citizens. I hope BSNL would consider such rebates soon.

7. Travel by Indian Railways

(a) Travel by Indian Railways is 40% cheaper for all male Senior Citizens who are 60 years in age or above, while women aged 58 years or above are entitled to 50% concession in fare. Indian Railways provides this fare concession to elderlies in all its trains including Shatabdi, Rajdhani and Jan Shatabdi trains. Kindly note that while travelling all Senior Citizens need to carry proof of their Date of Birth / Age with a Photo ID Card.

(b) There are separate Counters / Queues for Senior Citizens at all Railway Stations for purchase, booking or cancellation of tickets.

(c) Lower Berths:  In trains having reserved accommodation, a combined quota of two lower berths per coach has been earmarked in Sleeper, AC 3 tier and AC 2 tier classes for Senior Citizens, Female passenger who is 45 years of age and above and Pregnant women.

(d) In the Computerized Passenger Reservation System (PRS), there is a provision to allot lower berths automatically to male passengers of 60 years and above and female passengers of 45 years and above subject to the availability of lower berths at the time of booking of tickets.

(e) After departure of the train, if there are vacant lower berths available in the train, and if any senior citizen who has been allotted upper/middle berth, approaches for allotment of vacant lower berths, the Conductor/Train Ticket Examiner (TTE) has been authorized to allot the vacant lower berth to them after making necessary entries in the chart.

(f) Special arrangements are available for those who find it difficult to walk or move on their own. Wheel Chairs are available at all major junctions, District Headquarters and other important Railway stations for the convenience of Senior citizens and also for those who are in need.

(g) Indian Railways have recently introduced specially designed coaches which have provisions for hand rails and specially designed toilets for handicapped persons. These coaches also have space for wheel chairs.

8. Travel by Airlines

(a) Senior Citizens are entitled to 50% discount on Economy Class fares on all flights of Indian Airlines subject to certain conditions.

(b) Air India gives 45% discount in economy class on domestic sectors to senior citizens (women aged 63+ and men aged 65+).

(c) Other Airlines operating in India also offer discounts to senior citizens. It is advisable to check with them before you plan your travel.

9. Travel by Roadways (state transport)

(a) State Road Transport Undertakings have made provision for senior citizens for reservation of 2 seats in the front row of all buses.

(b) Some state governments also give concessions (in fare) to senior citizens, while some also have specially modelled buses for the elderlies.

10. Law (Legislations)

(a) Maintenance & Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens
Indian Government has enacted a law for welfare of senior citizens and parents. This law creates provisions for maintenance, protection and security of elders.

(b) Maintenance Tribunals for Parents and Senior Citizens in Delhi

11.  Old Age Homes and Recreation Centres for Senior Citizens

(a) Old Age Homes in India

(b) Recreation Centres for Senior Citizens in India

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  1. Ravi Chawla says

    You deserve plaudits for an excellent coverage of issues concerning Senior Citizens in India. I know how difficult it is to access dependable info on this subject and have all admiration for you! MORE POWER TO YOU!

  2. Ravi Chawla says

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    very good coverage. we should help in carrying it to sr citizens for availing benifits. also organising them. we will do our best. samant

  4. N RAJAMANI says

    Dear Sir,

    I am thankful for the information on this site. I will further thank you, in case you mention, how and whereto approach, in case of discrimination at the hands of direct kith and kin, law enforcing officers.
    In case of any SOS organisation coming forward to serve the senior citizens, from the funds the sr. citizen have by themselves and could not go to the bank, ATM or could not sign the cheque leaf for withdrawal of money, sale of property, since the children leave us and go away, they come back only to cremate and claim the money, property left.
    Any responsible organisation, like Ramakrishna Mission or similar one who can be helpful to such needy but self dependent old people.

  5. India has a proud history of respecting the elders; this is revered as well as envied by the elderly all over the rich west . Even robbers and murders in India used to spare the elderly. In the new world, laws as opposed to culture take hold. Nevertheless, it is possible to keep both traditions alife. India should be proud of such a heritage and let the world look up to India’s leadership in taking care of its elderly.

  6. My parents are senior citizen of India, My fatherand mother are co -owner of flat
    in Mumbai My brother and his wife lives with them in 1 BHK, My brother is not the co-owner. My brother beats abuses, harrasesse my parents for life. He beats them
    everyday. My father bough this apartment 15 years a go and he put nominee to
    my brother and two sisters. Now because he is not paying any bills at home,
    he beats my parents, he also uses knife to threten them. My father wanted to
    change nominee he goes to society chairman every day and society does not
    want to help him to change nominee, they are saying it is long procedure.
    My father has no option than to make a will. My parents are living with our friends
    because of on going domestice violence, me and my sister are taking care of them
    Now he wants to sell apartment but my brother is not vacating. It is too expensive for
    us to provide separate accomodation to my father, plus my father is still paying
    maintenance bill of flat although he doesnot live there.My father has paralysis
    he hardly can travel or do any physical activities. I want to provide them safe
    roof where they both can live happily. Is there any help govt can provide to help them.

  7. Ratilal Bharadva says

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    from where i can get the senior citizen card in delhi.

  9. krishna satagopan says

    A very good and useful information on senior citizens. Senior Citizens deserve all the concessions, encouragement, assistance and counselling in their olden days to compensate them for the loss of physical as well as mental strength. In the present day fast/ fierce competitive life pattern one is forced to fight day in and day out and also put up with lot of ordeals for mere survival and as a result people in all walks of life get aged fast physically and mentally not necessarily after getting the age of 65 years. Hence it is all the more necessary that Senior Citizen benefits are conferred from the date of superannuation or at least starting from the age of 60 years as is with Railways. Why adopt different yardstick of age for giving the concessions. I think time has come for all well meaning citizens occupying highest and influential positions in Government, Judiciary, Press and the like who are blessed and privileged to decide the destiny of this country viz., Parliamentarians, Senior Govt officials, Editors, Judges to take a strong call on this issue and rationalise/ re-define the old age that will rank for concessions. Let that be the age of superannuation (prevailing in most of the Private/public sectors) in the country which is 58 years or at least 60 years as adopted by the Railways. Will our forum take up this issue to the powers it be for doing the needful in the matter
    Many thanks for giving me an opportunity to voice my opinion,

  10. K.Varadarajan says

    Kudos and 3 cheers for the stupendous announcement. Was not aware of all these concessions so far. Am aged 68 and start availing such concessions as and when needed. Thanks a lot. From where I can get the senior citizen card in Pune.

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    Very useful one.

  13. Why is there discrepancy in allotment of benefits to senior citizens as in some cases it’s mentioned that some benefits can be availed only for 65+ whereas any male person above the age of 60 years is designated as senior citizen…..?

  14. kaushik mehta says

    Your information is very usefull but need update, for example senior citizen male are getting 40% concession in Railway this need update.Thank you very much for giving such type of informative help to senior citizens. I feel more information is given for Newdelhi what about other cities?


    information published in this website is really helpful and it is thoroughly informative and knowellegable

  16. M. S. Sigu says

    Almost all states in India provide concession to senior citizens of same state while travelling on S.T. Buses, why not this facility be available on all India basis. Which shall be appreciated and is required. For that Central Govt. or individual state should issue I.Cards acceptable through out India.


    the undersigned is member tribunal interested to incorporate the order published in The Hindu Dt 21.08.2012
    News » National
    NEW DELHI, August 21, 2012
    Mother duped, Tribunal raps daughters
    Staff Reporter
    Share · Comment · print · T+

    The three daughters of a woman residing in Karol Bagh here have been directed to purchase suitable independent residential accommodation for her within two months after she petitioned the Maintenance Tribunal of the Central District that she was dispossessed by them, without fair compensation, of two properties that her dead husband had bequeathed to the family. The mother had also complained that she let go her claims to the properties after alleged pressure, misbehaviour, and harassment by the daughters.

    Tribunal members Sukhbir Chand, Mahesh Chandra and presiding officer Bans Raj ruled that the three should each pay Rukmani Devi Rs. 3,000 by the tenth of each month and show proof of payment to the tribunal. They also directed the youngest daughter to pay Rs. 4.5 lakh that was due to the woman, after she signed over the release deed of her share in the second property, on the assurance that she would be paid Rs. 7 lakh.

    The tribunal set up under the Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act also warned that it can declare the transfer of property to have been “made by fraud or coercion or under undue influence.”

    Responding to the elderly woman’s complaint that she was staying in rented accommodation now, despite having been bequeathed two properties, the tribunal directed the daughters to purchase independent accommodation. It noted that ultimately the three would inherit all of Rukmani Devi’s movable and immovable properties and had already received a huge sum of money from the properties bequeathed by their father.

    The tribunal also directed the Karol Bagh SHO to conduct regular visits to the old lady to ensure her safety and prevent harassment.

    One of the properties at Bedanpura was disposed of for Rs. 50 lakh with the three daughters and the mother supposed to get Rs. 12.5 lakh each. The mother alleged that she was deprived of this amount by the two elder daughters. The woman lived in the second property at Dev Nagar in Karol Bagh until the youngest daughter pleaded with her to let her husband and herself move in.

    After a while, they began harassing her. Estimating that the Dev Nagar flat cost Rs. 28 lakh, an agreement was arrived with the two elder daughters and the mother by the youngest daughter that she would pay Rs. 7 lakh to each of them. However, she paid only Rs. 2.5 lakh to the mother, following which the mother approached the tribunal.

    In their order, the three tribunal members said the mother was in need of “emotional and physical assistance and social security which is being denied by her own daughters and sons-in-law” and was hence entitled to maintenance.

  18. I have gone through all the above comments. Believe me, I would compliment
    Mr. M.S.Sigu, he has very recently written his comments and deserve the highest appreciation. Since I am also a senior citizen I have practically experienced this while travelling from Jaipur to Ajmer and Rajasthan State Road Transport Corp gives concession to senior citizens only to those who are from the State of Rajasthan.
    It is thoughtful of Mr. M.S.Sigu to have mentioned that Central Govt. should issue I.Cards to all the Senior Citizens which are acceptable through out India. My dear friend it is expecting too much from the present Central Govt that this Government will or is capable of thinking on these lines. Please excuse me for writing this. Anyway, all credit to you to have thought on these lines.

  19. I personally feel that C E O of Helpage India should take up with the concerned Ministry Govt. Of India to issue I.Cards to all the Senior Citizens which are acceptable through out India for providing concession to senior citizens while travelling in S.T. Buses.

    Similarly C.E.O Helpage India can take up the matter with the concerned State Transport Secretaries or with the Chief Secretaries of All States & U.T.’s

    I am sure if he uses his good offices it will definitely help Senior Citizens.

  20. Also, regarding Senior Citizens Saving Schemes it is really creditable that Punjab Govt. has done extremely well by opening 820 accounts and got deposits to the tune of Rs.26 Crores. Similarly, all other states & U.T.’s can follow the suit. I have not heard much about this SCSC. Thanks

  21. jeeva narayan sah suman says

    I have 3 sons and 1 daughter.All are married and well placed in India and abroad.My one son is posted in Delhi police.I have no address of wife(died in 2008,cancer lung) was working as lady health visitor and retired before death.Myselth Retired retired in 2003.Both of we were Employed under GOvt. of Bihar Dept. of Health.After her death no any sun took my care in any 2nd son (CPO 1996 batch) who is at Delhi Police asked through his taught to pay a some of Rs10 lac in 2011 . I denied to pay such big amount.I came to know that he has to pay debt against any loan taken for any illeagel work.After that he started my mental tourchering,by mobile.My only care taker is my the youngest brother,He threatened my brother to not help me other wise he will shoot him self at his residence and leave accuse him.He always warns me. He says that “I am coming with your Bank statement to finalize with you” Iwas thinking to leave my home to to to any old age home but my other brother blocks my way to stay at my present residence.How can I get rid of this situation.I like neither to har not to be harashed.I want only dis communication to him.PLEASE SHOW THE BEST WAY .

  22. M R Harsha says

    we need to know whether the present Govt is providing the benefit of permitting the senior lady citizens of our country to continue using their LPG connections availed in their own names long before though they may now be staying now with dependants in view of their old age…

  23. ketan shukla says

    Somebody is urgently in need of ministry of social justice & empowerment (SD) newdelhi F.No.20-76/99 dated 03.11.1999 regarding expdiating the legal matter. Please help. Send pdf file. Thank you

  24. Anand Singhal says

    i need a copy of order F.No.20-76/99 dated 03.11.1999 regarding expediating court cases involving senior citizens..

  25. Surendra kapoor says

    I am senior citzen. Age 70 year. I whan to get airlince
    Senior citizen card.please let me how can get.

  26. Binay Kumar Tripathy says

    Is there any concession for senior citizens in India towards annual SBI ATM-Cum Debit Card rent at State Bank of India. Or any provision for Senior Citizen for SBI A/c Holder.

  27. natarajan t n says

    Sir, There are some private banks ( HDFC Bank, YES Bank ) issue ATM Debit cards with NO Annual Fee for senior citizens, whereas SBI debit the Annual Fee, of course from second year.

  28. PRADIP KUMAR says

    It is a very good article and gives a lot of information under one roof.

    Further it will be more helpful if the data is updated priodically

  29. chandran.A says

    Dea Sirs::Read all the financial benefits &ameneities provided to elderly persons above (58-60 yrs)&to Senior Citizens above 70 years also in various departments in various states in India.Most of the aged Senior Citizens in India are having different chronic deseases like High or Low B.P,High Diabetes complaints.,Heart Ailments,Liver&Kidney afflictions& Arthrits&Paralysis&cancerous complaints in different stages &need immeadiate medical attentions in different Odd hours sometimes.During any attack of these deseases in odd hours getting Ambulance or an Auto Rikshaw is very difficult.Realizing these facts if older &Senior Citizens will keep at home one old Auto Riksha or an Old car with their own earnings it will be convenient for them to reach the nearest Hospital or Doctor’s clinic to save their lives.But in the name of keeping any old 3 or 4 wheeled vehicle at home fo attending any urgent case in any odd hours the State Govt &Centre Govt is punishing the Senior Citizens by cancelling their Ration Cards o Reducing their Ration items o Cancelling LPG gas Subsidy etc has become one threatening affairs towards elderly&Senior pesons in India.Hence Eledely &Senior Citizens may be exempted fo keeping any old four wheel vehicle in their home fo emergency medical usage without Cancelling their ration Subsidies or LPG Gas subsidies etc by framing special Laws if Govt really wants to help the needy Old age peoples in India.On behalf of many old aged&eldely&Senior Citizens in India I amy request the concerned to consider our request sympathetically &pass orders suitably for which act of kindness we shall be hreatful to the State&Central administration of India.(A.Chandran,Pkd)One of the Senio Citizen of India .7-11-2017.

  30. Legal Service Advocates /Volunteers along with their contct nos &EMails,are not displayed at the website of Distt-Hathras,Tahsil -Sasni ,UP indicating whether Sr Citizens could awail free legal services to fight their cases near to the place they have been forced to stay by grabbing of their properties & residences in UP by reason that the State govt could not return back their land ,residences & their other properties located in their permanent residences in UP as happening with me.

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