14 Plant Nurseries in Delhi

These Nurseries are run by various Government agencies and are equipped to give away free saplings/ seedlings to people interested in increasing Delhi's green cover. Kamla Nehru RidgeNear Delhi ... Read More »

Judgments – Supreme Court – Plastic Waste

Despite Supreme Court's directions ban on plastic bags has not yielded results. Simply because the ban has not become effective. Plastic bags continue to flourish. Plastic still remains the preferred ... Read More »

Compostable Carry bags – Manufacturers / Sellers

Here is a list of manufacturers / sellers of compostable carry bags & products in India. These carry bags are environment friendly and a good solution to the challenge posed by indestructible ... Read More »

Power of Arrest – Supreme Court to Police and Magistrates

Police Officers making unjustified arrests and Magistrates ordering detention without recording reason are liable for departmental action and punishment under contempt of court proceedings. As per ... Read More »

Judgments – Supreme Court – Fraud and Deceit

What constitutes fraud? When is fraud said to be committed? How do Courts decide on fraudulent cases? How is justice vitiated by fraud? ... You would find answers to these and more such questions ... Read More »

Old Age Homes in Faridabad

Janak Sewa Samiti  Sneh Ashram 1162, Sector-19 Faridabad - 121002 Haryana. INDIA. Phone:  +91-129-4140162, 4101162 Vanprasth Vridhjan Sewa Sadan Old Age Home 2330, HBC Sector-28, Near Metro ... Read More »

Who is a Settlor in a Trust ?

Settlor is also the Author of the Trust. In more simple words, Settlor is the person who intends to form the Trust. Settlor knows the reason for creation of the Trust, why the Trust is important, what ... Read More »

Supreme Court on Section 20 Negotiable Instruments Act

It is a settled proposition of law that the person who had handed over a blank cheque to another person, gives an authority to fill up the contents therein, as settled in the case titled as Mojj ... Read More »

Loan Repayment: Conditions for appointment of a Receiver

Are you unable to repay a vehicle loan? Is the Bank insisting on claiming possession of your vehicle? Are you aware of procedure the Bank should follow while claiming possession? Has the Bank ... Read More »

Tax Benefits for Senior Citizens in India

Any person who has attained the age of 60 years or above is a Senior Citizen in India. Those who are 80 years or above are considered as very Senior Citizens. Various tax benefits are admissible to ... Read More »

Supreme Court guidelines on ex-parte Injunctions

In Ramrameshwari Devi & Ors vs Nirmala Devi & Ors (Civil Appeal Nos. 4912-4913 of 2011), the Honorable Supreme Court laid down guidelines and cautioned courts to be extremely careful in ... Read More »

Supreme Court on PIL on Old Age Homes

The Supreme Court on Friday sought the Centre's response to a PIL on old age homes by former Law Minister Ashwani Kumar seeking old age homes in every district of the country. A Bench headed by ... Read More »